About Match2One

We're here to help you grow more with less

Programmatic advertising is a big word

Match2One was created with a sole mission in mind: to make programmatic technology easily available for more people than ever before. We think programmatic advertising should be easy to use, accessible and transparent. Our goal is to make it simple and high-performing, for the lowest possible cost.

Our international team of experts have joined forces to give you an advertising platform that allows you to create smart campaigns without prior knowledge. Match2One’s AI optimisation automates your campaigns and delivers high results that improve over time and are displayed in visual reports.

The team
Founders Mikael, Michael and Ted

Our story

Match2One was founded in 2015 by Mikael Kreuger, Ted Sahlström and Michael Dewhirst. The inspiration came from seeing how unnecessarily complicated, expensive and fragmented the programmatic landscape was. Programmatic advertising was an exclusive craft for larger corporations, and existing solutions were not adapted for small and medium advertisers. Today we’re serving thousands of independent advertisers in 80+ countries across the world, with offices in Stockholm, London, Kiev and Sydney. Come along and join us on our mission!

The founders

Mikael Kreüger

Mikael Kreuger


Ted Sahlström

Ted Sahlström


Michael Dewhirst

Michael Dewhirst


Meet the whole team

Our milestones

2018 - Now

We’re working with +1000 brands in more than 25 markets

October 2017

APAC is launched with a new office in Sydney, Australia (Down under)

August 2017

We’ve delivered our 30,000’th conversion (sales) across +500 clients

November 2015

Match2One is founded by Mikael Kreuger, Ted Sahlstrom and Michael Dewhirst

August 2016

Clara, Match2One’s artificial intelligence and optimisation engine is born

January 2017

Match2One’s platform is launched in 20 markets!