A FEW – Shopping Mall Agency, Sweden

A Few has been buying online advertising placement directly from select publishers for a long time,
where the CPM-prices are much higher, and launching campaigns require a lot of negotiation and is
a manual time-consuming process. They looked for a smarter solution, and found Match2One which
gave them more cost-efficient results and easier campaign creation. Their main goals were to increase regional awareness and drive offline sales.



A Few is a consulting agency who provides commercial development for shopping malls in Sweden.
Their goals in display advertising
are mainly to drive offline sales, and display the right ad to
the right audience, with a maximum reach in their geographical location.



A Few consulting has previously been buying online ads directly from publishers like Klart,
Aftonbladet and other newspapers. where the CPM prices (cost-per-1000-views) are $10-40.
The negotiation of prices and manual setup of the campaigns has been extremely time-consuming
and expensive for them, with the results difficult to measure.

They decided to look for a smarter display solution in programmatic advertising, in order to offer
their clients better marketing value. They quickly noticed that other programmatic solutions required
high minimum budget and were advanced systems that required training.
They then found Match2One through a Google search, where they got started right away without long contracts, no minimum advertising budget, and an easy setup. With Match2One they are paying a $3,50 average CPM, reaching a relevant online audience and driving offline sales to their clients.  



With Match2One they can reach nearly all websites and apps in Sweden, without negotiating the price with sales people. The main upside is getting maximum reach to the lowest possible price. The AI algorithms find the right audience for them, optimising automatically based on their set CPM-goals.


It’s so easy to get started and launch campaigns with Match2One, and the results are way
over our expectation. With Match2One we can reach nearly all websites and apps in Sweden,
without having to negotiate with salesmen about the price. The big upside is maximum quality
reach for the lowest price. The “Quantum Stream” algorithm finds the right audience for us,
and automatically optimise towards our campaign goals.”

Armina Ilijasevic

Marketing Coordinator

A Few

Without previous experience they easily got started in the platform, created new ads in the ad creation tool, and launched prospecting campaigns by themselves. They are thrilled to be able to follow transparent highly performing results directly in the dashboard, and easily send those reports to their clients.

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