Heymo – Website SaaS, Sweden

At the time (2017), the Swedish website creation software, Heymo, had just hit the market and were looking for new growth channels online. After hearing about programmatic they partnered with Match2One, and started a month-long campaign focused on increasing their account sign-ups – with great success.


Released in 2017, Heymo is a Swedish website creation tool built for small businesses and entrepreneurial start-ups. Heymo provides website owners with an easy to use interface and the ability to build and manage their own professional site. With Heymo you can set up your own website in just a  simple few steps. Today, as part of their mother company, Hemsida24, they are serving over 14,000 clients.


When Heymo launched, they needed to establish new marketing channels and advertising partners to acquire new customers and grow. As a SaaS platform, they were looking for ways to reach and attract new customers at scale. After hearing about Match2one and being exposed to programmatic advertising as a channel, they reached out.

Heymo needed a trustworthy, effective and affordable advertising solution geared towards improving their CPA for signups on their site. Put simply, their goal was to get more users creating more accounts.


After signing up, Heymo had a campaign online within a week.

This is how Johanna reflects on her experience with Match2One:

“The important thing is to be patient in the first month until the algorithm gathers the data and becomes more intelligent. After a month we were able to quickly see the results we wanted and today, programmatic advertising is one of our best advertising channels when it comes to the number of CPA’s for created accounts”

Johanna Bohlin

Marketing Manager


Campaign Objectives

  • Budget:

  • Daily budget:

  • Geo:

  • Campaign period:

    Nov 10 - Present
  • Category targeting:

  • Devices

    Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
  • CPA Goal


Campaign Results

CPA Result



Decrease in CPA







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