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463% Decrease in CPM (cost-per-1000-view)

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Moto Direct

Searching for an affordable programmatic advertising provider in the UK served to be a difficult task for MotoDirect – a premier manufacturer and distributor of motorcycle apparel and accessories. After reaching out abroad to Match2One, their month-long campaign was both an economic solution and a marketing success, driving an improvement in their CTR (Click Through Rate) by 76%.


MotoDirect has a number of retail outlets but is predominantly a distribution company that manufactures motorcycle clothing. The company has established itself as the UK’s premier manufacturer and distributer of motorcycle clothing, helmets and accessories for both road users and professional racers.


MotoDirect had previously been engaged with media agencies that had performed well, but had a feeling the agencies took a large cut for services they could perform themselves.

“In the UK there are multiple agencies that offer programmatic buying, but they’re all really expensive. The one that is popular is a London agency that charges £800 a month management fee and then charge for impressions at £18 per 1000 impressions and this was the only experience we’ve had with programmatic.” – MotoDirect

They approached Match2One with an interest to manage their campaigns through a self-service platform. Their aim; reach an intended audience interested in motorcycle accessories and clothing audience – at a reasonable price, and drive as many clicks as possible to MotoDirect's website.


The campaign Match2One launched exceeded MotoDirect’s expectations immensely. They used the platform to create awareness for their inhouse brands as well as to push the brands they distribute. On top of that, they were able to drive sales to their retail outlets.

Moto Direct

“We normally pay $5,000 for what Match2One delivered with $450 – amazing! The savings we got compared to using an external company are massive and the system is easy to use. The system works on a commission % with no signup fees, and the way we saw it is we had nothing to lose. If it worked then great, if it didn’t then we weren’t tied in to any management fee or overpriced campaign that we were going to be invoiced for.

We could see all the stats, what it was costing, where it was being placed, etc. Full transparency. The issue we had, which is probably similar to what you’re thinking now is that it seems too good to be true in what they offer. But it really is that good.”

- , Moto Direct Representative

Campaign Objectives

Campaign Objectives



United Kingdom


Campaign Period

28 days



Desktop, Tablet, Mobile

Campaign Results

Campaign Results


Decrease in CPM (cost-per-1000-view)







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