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39% CPA goal improvement – Insurance, Middle-East

People from InsuranceMarket

Providing an insurance comparison and purchase service for the United Arab Emirates (UAE), were trying to drive more exposure to their business and make themselves one of the leading companies in their industry. Through subtle updates of their creative banners and efficient use of Match2One’s sub-account capabilities, their campaigns have been managed incredibly well in real time. The result: over one hundred million ad views, an exceeded CPA goal and thousands of insurance purchases.

About is a digital-first insurance broking and advisory service for all types of retail and commercial insurance – specialising in car insurance. Launched in 2010 by the renowned AFIA Insurance Brokerage Services, the platform essentially allows one to compare and buy different types of insurance across the UAE, from leading insurers.


The company was primarily looking to drive more exposure to their business across the web. As they provide insurance in several areas, they needed a platform that would allow them to segment their campaigns based on the type of insurance being advertised (e.g. car, travel, home). wanted to extensively test their ads in a variety of sizes and designs as well, so having a system that could host, display and track the performance of all of their different creative pieces in one place was essential. They hired the services of Momentum Inbound Marketing who performed multiple data-driven experiments to see how could best adjust its marketing strategy – this led them to Match2One.

Given their location and market, it was important to ensure that their ads were present on geo-specific websites. Match2One’s inventory needed to reach high-quality publications to not only reinforce the legitimacy of the company but also to make the right consumers aware and interested in their service. Based on previous industry experience in insurance, the company was already clear on their CPAs and CPMs – so the platform needed to accommodate for these benchmarks above everything else.

Results and Momentum Inbound Marketing made full use of Match2One’s sub-account features, splitting up their campaigns and efficiently utilising the platform. In just a couple of days, hundreds of their banner ads had been uploaded to their creative studio with several campaigns already up and running. They followed the platform recommendation of having at least five ad versions (for all ad sizes) to ensure that they had enough variations for the algorithm to test their ads. Although they released combination campaigns, they shifted their settings to mostly prospecting new customers – in order to get the exposure they were looking for. CLARA has optimised their ad buying with great results, as just in a few months they have nearly halved their CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) target.

The company was able to track where their presence was being shown through the Publisher Website Performance tool and found that their greatest success came through regional news and email sites. Finding the right sources and audience was key. As such, they tailored their ads to this likely corporate user base, by adding their extremely high Google rating to feature in many of their banners. The attribute is a testament to the reliability and service of the company and has definitely helped to bring in more business, particularly to their car insurance sector.

It’s a tactic that has worked extremely well for, and their impressive 8000+ conversions reflect that.

Ensuring that there was a “message match”, was also an important part of’s programmatic strategy. To improve conversions, they aligned their banners with the top fold of their landing page – so that the design and message was a seamless transition for the visitor. A click on the ad would take visitors to a lead generation landing page – which was also A/B tested. Here, behavioural analytics tracking tools on the landing pages were implemented to track user behaviour as part of the company’s Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) strategy.

Their CPA has decreased heavily over time, and by A/B testing and tweaking their ad creatives according to performance reports, they’re giving themselves that extra push in the Middle Eastern insurance market.

Achieve more with AI powered display advertising
Sidd from InsuranceMarket

I believe programmatic display is an integral part of an integrated 360 marketing plan. I used Match2one for retargeting and prospecting visitors and I was pleasantly surprised with the acceleration we saw after a few days.

We saw an uptick in click conversions (which is golden for display advertising) and also a surge in view through conversions. The algorithm adjusted based on the conversions that the system was tracking and we saw that the CPA was decreasing progressively. I believe Match2one has taken out the manual way of working in Google Display and made it simple and automatic for us.

In short, I was blown away with the possibility that I could really amplify lead generation efforts for

- Sid Jashnani, Head Director
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Campaign Objectives



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Campaign Results


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