Premium Inventory

Local Publishers - Global Reach

Access thousands of premium websites, apps and all major ad exchanges

Match2One gives your programmatic display campaigns the ability to appear in high-quality local and global publications for desktop, tablet and mobile screens.

In addition, Match2One’s unique machine learning and targeting technologies will ensure your campaigns reach the right customer where it matters, across thousands of relevant sites.

Global inventory partnerships provide class-leading Ad fraud detection, and the ability to whitelist and blacklist your own campaigns via Match2One’s platform.

Ad Exchanges where your ads may appear include:


Match2One is 100% transparent and provides you with the exact report provided by our inventory partners that shows the websites and apps where your ads have been displayed, together with the cost to place them there.

There’s no need to hire campaign specialists to manually optimise your campaign based on which websites perform better or worse, our machine learning technology will automate that for you.

Reach the right customer where it matters: