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Dylan Chircop

Senior Programmatic Manager

“Compared to other DSP tests, the CPAs were half the average we usually get”

How they did it

Ashkan Nemati

Head of Digital Marketing

“M2O consistently performs in terms of new traders and return on ad spend. Tracking post-view conversions is extremely useful as we can attribute a certain portion of the revenue to post-conversions. It is a feature that not many advertising platforms offer, and it works great.”

How they did it

Matt Gascoigne

Head of Marketing - Crypto

“The great thing with Match2One’s wide inventory is that you can reach the right person, rather than just the right website.”

How they did it

Clint Gristi

CEO and co-founder

The iGaming audience we can reach through Match2One makes programmatic a very cost-effective channel for us.

How they did it
Sid Jashnani

Sid Jashnani

Head Director

I believe programmatic display is an integral part of an integrated 360 marketing plan. I used Match2one for retargeting and prospecting visitors and I was pleasantly surprised with the acceleration we saw after a few days.In short, I was blown away with the possibility that I could really amplify lead generation efforts for

How they did it

Felicia Lindström

Digital Engagement Strategist

“Match2One’s support is fantastic! I don’t think we would have tested programmatic advertising without Match2One’s great support and amazing platform”

How they did it
Jonas Damien

Jonas Damien

Digital Media Planner

Thanks to a really responsive team and a user-friendly interface, it is extremely easy to set up a campaign.With Match2One, we had access to many extremely contextual websites in one place. The objective was to increase PariuriX awareness which we succeeded beyond expectation with a CTR of 0.35% for low prices.

How they did it

Haris Serhatlic

Head of Marketing Department

With Match2One, we have seen incredible targeting accuracy. I would recommend Match2One every day of the week.

How they did it

What can you do with Match2One?

Bring the right people to your website

Get your message across. Automatically find new customers online and draw in the people who are looking for what you’re offering.

Prospecting Ads

Turn curious visitors into paying customers

Stay on top of your future customers’ minds. Display retargeting ads to visitors who showed intent but haven’t made the decision yet.

Retargeting Ads

Show your ads in the perfect context

Powered by Moments AI's cutting-edge contextual targeting, Match2One scans thousands of premium websites within 20 milliseconds, making pages in contextual segments accessible to you in real-time.

Contextual Ads

Leading Ad Formats

Showcase your brand with compelling visual elements and captivate online audiences. This dynamic medium empowers you to amplify brand visibility and drive conversions, making it an indispensable tool for achieving digital marketing success.
Make sure nobody misses your message – reach your audience where your ads naturally blend into a website. This increases the number of readers that look at your ads and encourages them to click through to your content.
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How Programmatic Advertising Works


1. Create a Match2One account

Sign up for a free demo of the platform. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to start high-performing programmatic campaigns.


2. Prepare your ads

Upload your banners to the platform or build eye-catching creatives yourself in our own Creative Studio.


3. Set up a programmatic campaign

Get your campaign up and running in no time. All you have to do is set your goals – the rest will be taken care of.


4. Watch an AI optimise for you

We're proud of the results our AI is delivering with smart ad placements. Once you see how much time it will save you, we're sure you'll see why.


5. Discover useful insights

See transparent reports of how your ads are performing on which websites, and track what you're getting for your money.


6. Reach customers that are slipping away

Stay top of mind with the people who visited your site and left without buying anything, with retargeting ads.

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