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Achieve more with AI powered display advertising

350% CPC goal improvement

Agent Digital – Digital Marketing Agency, Australia

Sydney Opera House

Taking advantage of Match2One’s combo campaigns, Agent Digital used a combination of Prospecting and Retargeting campaigns to reach relevant customers and sell tickets to entertainment events.


Established by marketing veteran Fred Porter, Agent Digital works with clients mainly in the Entertainment sector.

They are experts at driving interest and sell tickets to various events like live concerts, theatre, and Kids Activities.


Having used other major programmatic platforms (DSPs), they found them not to be cost-effective or transparent enough for small businesses.

Agent Digital needed a platform with no minimum spend requirements, and an agency wasn’t an option since they often require $5,000 to $7,000 in monthly spend to run programmatic display campaigns.

After extensive research, they turned to Match2One because of its:
– Easy to use, self-service platform
– No minimum spend requirements
– Responsive campaign managers with a local Australian presence

Taking advantage of Match2One’s combo campaigns, they attracted new customers and maintained a healthy spend through prospecting, while retargeting previous visitors at a cost of less than $5 per day.


With Match2One, Agent Digital increased awareness and ticket sales to live events for their clients.

For targeting, all they did was set up their geographical areas by city or state, and trusted the AI to find relevant placements for that local audience.

The AI did the rest of the work and managed to find relevant display placements at $0.15 CPM.

After initially running retargeting campaigns with great results, they expanded to combine prospecting and retargeting, for increased reach and branding.

Prospecting helped increase awareness, while the fully transparent reports and premium inventory ensured clients were happy with the placement of their ads.

Tools used:
– Retargeting
– Prospecting
– Creative Studio

All in all, Agent Digital are very happy with the results they achieved through Match2One, and will be recommending it to other clients.

Achieve more with AI powered display advertising
Fred Porter

The programmatic platforms we explored turned out to be cost prohibitive for small businesses, not transparent and often available only to big agencies with big budgets.

We did the research and Match2One ticked all the boxes, particularly with its easy-to-use platform, no minimum spend and a responsive account manager who essentially does it all for you.

Being able to provide my clients with a list of websites their Ads were displayed on, including major Australian (and International) News, TV, Entertainment and high traffic websites, without them having to book direct with these outlets, is very cool and extremely well received.

When it comes to Display Advertising with M2O, more is actually more!

- Fred Porter, Founder and Digital Expert
Campaign Objectives

Campaign Objectives





Campaign Period

1 month



Desktop, Tablet, Mobile

Campaign Results

Campaign Results


CPC goal improvement






6.7 Million



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