How Advertisers Measure Success in Programmatic 2022

Juli 13, 2022

One of the most common methods for measuring the effectiveness of online advertising is the „post-view conversions“ metric.

Better conversions are a dream and a goal for all of us (who doesn’t want effective ads?!), but it’s important to know that in the incredible amount of internet noise of our modern age, it’s almost a miracle if a conversion is achieved by a single ad.

In this article, we will explore what’s really behind post-view conversion in 2022 and how AI can add real value for advertisers in these conditions.

Post-click and post-view conversions

The effect of your digital advertising efforts can be measured in two ways: post-click and post-view conversions. While post-click (or click-through) conversions track direct actions, post-view (or view-through) conversions track interaction over numerous touchpoints.

The simplest example is buying staple foods: When you need bread, you go to your local bakery, ask for the best bread, and buy it immediately.

This process is an excellent analogy for post-click conversion, where a potential customer immediately becomes a customer. 

There are several reasons for this:

  • They need the product or service urgently
  • They have been looking for a long time, but have not found it yet
  • The message of the ad is very strong and immediately convincing
  • They were in an impulse purchase flow and found this opportunity good
  • They often buy a similar product or service (which does not require further research) and were able to buy on very good terms through the ad.

The process of purchasing or renting a house is fairly similar to post-view conversion since the majority of buyers will look around, research, and even visit the property numerous times before making a final choice.

In other words, it takes time for the idea of buying to mature:

  • They have not yet built up the necessary trust in the brand
  • The prospective customer does not yet have enough information on the subject
  • The potential customer will not need the product or service until later.

Here’s a common user journey simplified:

The display ad is highly valued – even though it was never clicked.

Why post-view is the most vital digital marketing attribution

According to marketing studies, the rule of seven dominates current marketing notions, which states that an advertisement must be viewed at least seven times to be successful.

The background for this is continually being investigated and, according to current thinking, is based on the concept that after this amount of time, trust in the brand, and hence in the product or service, is built up.

Of course, seeing an advertisement seven times does not guarantee that you will convert, but the likelihood of conversion is greatly boosted.

So if your customers see a display banner and don’t convert immediately, it doesn’t mean the customer is lost and the conversion failed.

The focus is much more on deliberate brand building, where programmatic ads and AI-driven banner campaigns can help tremendously. With continuous testing and learning algorithms, you can use them to control who sees what, when, and where.

With many times the efficiency and accuracy of manually placed banners, it helps build brand awareness and enforce the Rule of 7.

We are in a new digital world where everyone is competing for the same set of eyes, and with the power of AI and machine learning, Match2One clients have the chance to engage the right audience at the right time without unnecessarily burning out banner and display ad campaigns.

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Jonathan Olsson

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