Introducing the Campaign Generator

August 28, 2018

Campaign Generator is a more efficient and automated way of creating new programmatic ad campaigns in a matter of minutes. Simply answer questions based on what type of business you have and what your advertising goals are, and the Campaign Generator will do the rest, creating an intelligent, high performance campaign for you. 

The intelligent AI behind Match2One will automatically find your target audiences, and optimise your campaign to reach your advertising goals, whether this is to increase brand awareness or generate more sales.

Here’s a basic step by step walk through:

1. Opt for the Campaign Generator option in your new campaign

Campaign generator

2. Decide where in the world you want your ads to be shown

3. Choose from three different campaign goals

4. Decide on the duration of your campaign

5. Select your daily budget

6. Put a target value on the campaign goal you have chosen

Once you’ve launched your campaign, Match2One’s artificial intelligence will automatically learn how to best target your audience to reach your advertising goals. The platform makes 1000’s of campaign optimisations per second and provides you the detailed reports and insights into what is performing the best.

The new Campaign Generator will help you launch high-performing automated online advertising campaigns – without any previous experience!

Simply sit back and over the coming weeks watch the results roll in.

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Jonathan Olsson

Jonathan Olsson

Head of Marketing

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