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AJ Tuotteet (AJ Products) – Supplier of workplace products

Adapting creatively to radical change is challenging. When the coronavirus became a new reality, the marketing team at AJ Tuotteet needed to shift focus and adapt to changing customer behaviour. And Match2One was quick to assist AJ in adapting their strategy.

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Creatively and effectively, AJ quickly adapted their marketing strategy to improve their customers home offices. With Match2One’s platform, and support from a dedicated team, they were able to flexibly react and launch campaigns addressing more relevant issues for their consumers.

Match2One supported AJ in adapting the strategy from office products to home office products – and with a flexible platform AJ could adapt quickly to the new challenges.


AJ Tuotteet wanted to further grow their business and sought a new programmatic solution.
The requirements were clear: an easy-to-use platform that could minimize costs, time and resources. In addition, AJ needed a smooth campaign setup, effective optimization and easily attainable reporting, without the need for external agencies.

Pre Covid-19, results were excellent.
A 32,5% decrease in cost and an 150% increase in conversions. Match2One’s platform met the requirements of being efficient to use, which minimized cost, time and resources.

With an increasing number of people working from home, AJ’s marketing team reviewed the content and made creative changes. These changes focused on the importance of working ergonomically at home.

It was clear that the coronavirus would lead to weeks, maybe months, of working from home. With many people resulting in working from their unergonomic kitchen table or couch, they were determined to improve home office conditions.


With the support of Match2One’s customer success team, AJ concluded that they could transition to targeting consumers in need of improving home offices.

Above being cost efficient, which is crucial in uncertain times, Match2One enabled a flexible process in launching campaigns which was particularly useful in changing the content to the new message.

“…we had to adapt fast to the new circumstances. A lot of people are now working from home, a lot of firms have moved their business online…”

The coronavirus caused a scenario where the need to adapt quickly is higher than ever. The agile marketing team of AJ combined with Match2One’s flexible platform made it possible for them to launch and adjust their message quickly.

When AJ Tuotteet started using Match2One’s programmatic platform the goal was to increase brand awareness and drive sales as cost efficiently as possible. And the results were exceptional. AJ were also able to access reporting one click away and experienced a steady increase of conversions.

When the Covid-19 outbreak affected their campaign results, AJ reacted swiftly and creatively. And with Match2One’s customer success team, AJ Tuotteet had strategic support that acted as a sounding board for the adjusted programmatic campaign.

Match2One has allowed us to be flexible and fast. Having an easy-to-use platform combined with the invaluable support of our dedicated account manager, has enabled us to react to changes, make the necessary adaptations in our message and get it across in minimal cost and without losing valuable time and resources.

- Vasilis Meschinis, eCommerce and Digital Marketing Manager
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