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Apidae Digital – Programmatic Strategies for iGaming

Apidae Digital, an iGaming performance marketing agency, was looking for an efficient way to scale their clients. With Match2One’s support, they achieve cost-effective reach through smart programmatic ad strategies, amplifying brand narratives for sustained growth. We sat down with CEO, Clint Griscti, who emphasizes tailored campaigns, diversifying from overreliance on affiliates and welcome bonuses.  Read the full case study here!

Meet Apidae Digital

In the world of iGaming marketing, Apidae Digital isn’t just any agency player – they stand with over 25 years of industry expertise. They transform raw data into actionable insights, specializing in performance marketing within iGaming and Fintech verticals. And their secret weapon? Stellar programmatic and paid search strategies.


The heart of the success lies in their tailored campaign strategy and localization, with a personalized approach to each project. 


We spoke to Clint Griscti, CEO and co-founder of Apidae Digital, to find out more: 


“We identify key touchpoints in the customer journey, spanning the conversion funnel. This nuanced strategy involves building audiences based on specific triggers to

engage with customers at every stage of their journey.”

Risk and rewards

The competitive and fast-paced iGaming industry poses unique challenges when it comes to marketing. One is what Clint says is the overreliance on affiliate strategies: ”Finding the right balance between affiliate marketing and other channels is crucial,” he says. “Our partnership with Match2One gives us exactly this advantage.”


The other critical dilemma the industry faces is the traditional focus on welcome bonuses. 


This has become somewhat exhausted. A new demographic seeks loyalty through brand connections, pushing the industry towards a pivotal moment. It is key to establish a distinct brand identity and build a marketing mix to support it. Without this, companies risk losing players or missing long-term growth.


Diversifying with Match2One


For programmatic to be successful, it’s key to understand the channel and get proper support. Close relationships between Match2One and its clients lead to simplifying complex programmatic campaigns. Apidae Digital is able to free up time and can focus their resources on strategies to grow its iGaming clients. Clint Griscti highlights: 


”Our exceptional account manager ensures that challenges are met with solutions, making smart programmatic advertising easy and powerful. This goes beyond business; it’s about working with genuinely nice humans who share our vision. Above that, the audience we can reach through Match2One makes programmatic a very cost-effective channel for us”


How does Match2One do this? The platform is user-friendly and streamlines operational tasks, making data available and actionable. This promises cost-effective reach, eliminating the need for expensive channels, such as TV ad campaigns.


With billions of data points, Match2One ensures statistically significant audience pools for meaningful optimizations and conversions.

Programmatic + iGaming = <3

In Clint’s words, being solely a performance-driven company is not enough. The competitive iGaming landscape demands reach beyond Google, Facebook, and affiliate partnerships. Clint stresses the importance of a brand’s story, the narrative that goes beyond mere numbers and conversions.


A strong brand story is only as effective as its marketing mix. With programmatic advertising, hundreds of online casino and betting brands have increased results, improved conversion rates, and broken free from dependency on highly competitive traffic sources.

Lär dig mer om hur du kan starta kostnadseffektiva kampanjer

Programmatic isn’t just an option; it’s our strategic ace in the iGaming world. It allows us to reach audiences with precision and strengthen brands that resonate beyond the conventional marketing approaches.

- Clint Gristi, CEO and co-founder
Campaign Objectives




Specific regulated markets



April 2023 - Present



Desktop, Tablet, Mobile

Campaign Results






Between 30-100€


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