Lär dig mer om hur du kan starta kostnadseffektiva kampanjer

Deriv – Finding the right audience, in the right context

Malta-based online trading platform Deriv wanted to add a programmatic advertising platform to its arsenal as a new lead generation tool. Match2One’s ad platform enabled Deriv to significantly outperform previous years’ results in terms of new customers.

About Deriv

Established in 1999, Deriv is a pioneering player in the online trading market. The world’s largest online broker by number of quarterly active accounts, the company offers CFDs and other derivatives on FOREX, indices, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and synthetics to millions of registered users around the world.


The company’s clients enjoy above-market money security, high liquidity, low fees, and outstandingly supportive customer service.

The challenge: finding leads that convert

The online trading market is highly competitive, and fair players also have to keep up with a large number of unserious competitors. This creates a lot of noise and confusion for customers, making it difficult for them to navigate and make the right choice.

For years, Deriv has been searching for the right advertising tool to realize its growth plans. “We onboarded and experimented with various platforms for programmatic display and native. But not all of them were able to give us leads that would convert to full-time users. Match2One was a platform that offered constant high-quality leads and continues to do so,” shared Ashkan Nemati, Head of Digital Marketing at Deriv.

The solution: AI-boosted performance.

Effective advertising is based on the right targeting, which requires 360-degree customer insight. Match2One’s AI solution, Quantum Stream, identified Deriv’s customer profiles during the onboarding process, mapping their behavior, habits, and understanding of who is converting. This made launching campaigns much easier and quicker. 


The most effective solution for the company was contextual targeting: 


”Contextual targeting was one of our most successful campaign features. After running various campaigns in our target regions, we discovered we could get the best conversions through specific audience interest targeting. We try to use these interest-based targeting to maximize our campaign performance.”


Post-view conversion management.


For Deriv, it was also of utmost importance to see and understand what would happen after clients viewed an ad. Using post-view conversion tracking has helped Deriv gain a helicopter perspective, which has improved the reporting processes for ad performance.


“M2O consistently performs in terms of conversions and returns on ad spend. The ability to record post-view conversions is extremely useful as we can attribute a certain portion of the revenue to post conversions. It is a feature that not many platforms offer, and it works well.”


If you’re looking for a flexible, highly transparent programmatic ad platform with AI-boosted performance — or simply want more leads that convert — contact the Match2One team today. We’d be happy to arrange a free consultation to show you how we can deliver results for your business.

Lär dig mer om hur du kan starta kostnadseffektiva kampanjer

“M2O consistently performs in terms of new traders and return on ad spend. Tracking post-view conversions is extremely useful as we can attribute a certain portion of the revenue to post-conversions. It is a feature that not many advertising platforms offer, and it works great.”

- Ashkan Nemati, Head of Digital Marketing

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