Holiday Season Marketing Guide

Last updated on May 2nd, 2019

We want to help you get ready and prepared for the opportunities that arise during the holiday marketing season: Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas shopping.

So we’ve put together a guide and checklist to make sure you make the most of it, and get started on time! This is the time of year when all retailers see the chance to reach new customers at scale.

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The issue is that the biggest retailers buy out all of the major advertising spots and mediums such as TV, billboards, radio, etc. 

So how can a smaller business get ahead of the giants?

Programmatic advertising of course! This is the playing field where you can compete and beat bigger players for attention of individual potential customers.

How does it work at Match2One?

Our AI (artificial intelligence) will look at your website traffic and learn who are your ideal potential customers, and who is likely to buy your products after seeing your ads. After this data starts getting processed and tracked, you can set up a programmatic campaign in just minutes. Create your ads in the Match2One creative studio, then choose your goals and website targeting. Hit launch and let the campaign optimise on its own! Whilst on autopilot, your brand is being exposed to a growing relevant audience and should be bringing in conversions all the while.

Before you know it, your advertising is starting to pick up some real momentum and by consulting the real-time reporting performance – you can tweak your campaign for even greater success.

Start in October, and give the AI time to learn your ideal customer profile

You want your potential customers to feel like you are giving them a fully personalised experience, truly appealing to their wants and needs. Start planning for holiday marketing campaigns early:

1. Offer exclusive deals (with high ROAS).

2. Don’t just sell products––sell your brand.

3. Personalize your holiday selling experience.

4. Launch your holiday channel strategy ASAP.

5. Focus on tactics that work (based on data) – think about hyper geotargeting, and how you can offer those short time window deals to those last minute shoppers.

6. Focus on the right metrics to measure success.

7. Prospecting/Retargeting and email strategies in combination tend to have huge returns.

8. Wow your customers and make them remember your brand.

One-liner tips and advice

“Retailers can acquire up to 59% more customers during the holiday season”

This is opportunity for every brand to acquire a new share of the market.

“Get in the game early, start promoting now”

The number one cause of chaos, is getting a later start, and in programmatic advertising the campaign length and learnings are key.

“Retargeting and Prospecting in combination, is a cash cow around the Holidays” 

Retargeting campaigns will allow invaluable learnings about your user base, and prospecting will use those learnings to get new potential customers in.

“Get your marketing message and landing page right”

You can have the best optimised campaign in the world, but if your ad message and landing conversion is off, it will fail.

“People are out looking for deals”

This is the time of year when people are actively looking at ads to find the best deals. Seize the opportunity.

“Create an offer with an exclusive product”

Limited offers are great, and something that makes you stick out among the competition.

“Sell the brand lifestyle, not just the product. Think outside the box.”

People want to be inspired, and emotions is the key driver for any consumer purchase decision.

“The Holiday season deals gets earlier and earlier, (not to mention longer and longer) every year

Get your campaign ready in time, and launch at the very latest on Monday in the Black Friday week.

“Conversions can increase from 0.6% to nearly 20%” 

In order for these numbers to materialise – your ads need to stand out and raise curiosity. 

“Make sure you have a holiday campaign strategy for both your online advertising and email marketing”

In order to capture the leads you’ve gathered through advertising, your email campaigns need to be in synch.

“Look at channels your competition is ignoring”

Most brands are only focused on Facebook, Google and some variation of Twitter/LinkedIn/Instagram.

However this market will become increasingly saturated at this time of year. By using programmatic ad inventory across the open web, you’re allowing better reach, a larger pool of inventory and less competition. Once the countdown to Christmas is truly on, you will definitely see the positive effects of this take place. Now it’s time to get festive!

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