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Native advertising enables you to reach your target audience in a way that engages them by naturally blending into the website.


Match2One’s AI collects user data to show the right native ads, at the right time, to people who are most likely to be interested in what you’re offering. With Match2One Native you’ll get increased engagement and high-quality traffic to your website.

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Bring your content to the right person in the right context

Make sure nobody misses your message – reach your audience where your ads naturally blend into a website. This increases the number of readers that look at your ads and encourages them to click through to your content.


Scale your content with programmatic native campaigns. Match2One Native enables you to create and show native ads to the right people to achieve high ROAS.

Why choose Match2One Native?


Get access to all premium publishers for your native ads in a platform that shares all the valuable insights. With our subscription model pricing, you’ll never have to worry about any unexpected costs.


Our AI-powered platform will automatically cross-pollinate learnings between display and native campaigns to maximize results. The platform can be integrated with Google Analytics to optimize campaigns in finding the right traffic.


We combine smart targeting with the right native ad placements. By focusing on advertising in brand-safe environments and premium websites, we ensure that your campaign delivery is worthy of your brand.

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Getting Started

Submit the “Get Started” form and we’ll be in touch to discuss your goals and show you the possibilities of our platform.

Our specialists will present you the right strategy to get the most out of your programmatic native budget. You’ll get advice on where to show your ads and which audience to target.

Set the campaign live! Either by yourself or have your dedicated campaign manager do it for you. We’ll be able to help out with A/B tests, optimization and planning.

Dylan Chircop

Senior Programmatic Manager

“Compared to other DSP tests, the CPAs were half the average we usually get”

Clint Gristi

CEO and co-founder

The iGaming audience we can reach through Match2One makes programmatic a very cost-effective channel for us.

Matt Gascoigne

Head of Marketing - Crypto

“The great thing with Match2One’s wide inventory is that you can reach the right person, rather than just the right website.”

Felicia Lindström

Digital Engagement Strategist

“Match2One’s support is fantastic! I don’t think we would have tested programmatic advertising without Match2One’s great support and amazing platform”

Adam Benz

Digital Marketing Lead

Programmatic plays a huge role in being able to retarget that audience across the internet, across everywhere that their eyeballs are.”

Simon Dimopoulos

E-Commerce Manager

“Match2One’s user-friendly platform, exceptional customer success team, and powerful AI algorithm made it an ideal partner for Oncourt in our quest to become Europe’s largest racquet sports retailer.”

Adam Lindh

Chief Digital Officer at Holdit

“It’s one of those things that I greatly appreciate with Match2One: we get very good support and are in contact with the team on a weekly basis. We are super satisfied.”

Josh Hill

Director of E-commerce

We’ve definitely seen success in having our ads and our brand on websites outside the “walled garden” of Facebook. Really, it’s the Daily Mails of the world where we’ve really tapped into a customer that we previously might not have. So that’s been really good for us.

Ashkan Nemati

Head of Digital Marketing

“M2O consistently performs in terms of new traders and return on ad spend. Tracking post-view conversions is extremely useful as we can attribute a certain portion of the revenue to post-conversions. It is a feature that not many advertising platforms offer, and it works great.”

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Camilla Barr


Customer Success Manager


“My job is always to be one step ahead of the campaign results”