Retargeting Ads

Win back customers that have shown interest but left your site without converting.

Smart Retargeting

Retargeting helps you win back the customers that have slipped away. Match2One's AI collects information about your site visitors and shows specific ads to those who have shown interest in your brand or products. The higher chance of conversion, the more our AI will bid on an advertising placement.

Nudge potential customers with retargeting ads and remind them what they're missing out on, with more information or a special offer invitation.

Retargeting has proven to be a powerful way to ensure no potential customer is left behind. It’s a strategy that we believe all digital advertisers should take advantage of.

Achieve more with AI powered display advertising
Achieve more with AI powered display advertising

Retargeting steps


User visits your site



User leaves your site



Browsing online, user sees your ads on other websites



Your ad capture the users interest



User converts to a customer on your site

Retargeting funnel

Retargeting in your sales funnel

Convert users who wandered off.

Why do I need both Prospecting and Retargeting?

To achieve the best results, we recommend a combination of Prospecting and Retargeting. This will help you find new customers Prospecting, and get back customers that have visited before Retargeting, but left your site before converting. In this way, you’ll cover both the top and bottom of your online Sales Funnel.

What are the benefits of Retargeting ads?

  • Direct, measurable ROI
  • Measurable sales growth
  • High conversion rate
Achieve more with AI powered display advertising

How do I plan my budget?

For Retargeting campaigns there is a limit on how much you can spend based on your website traffic. For example, if your website has 1000 visitors per day, you will normally only get $5-20 a day as a maximum media cost. With that in mind, we recommend setting high retargeting budget roofs, as they will automatically limit themselves.

Need some guidance? Our Customer Success Managers can help you with your specific campaign objectives and a recommended budget needed to achieve them.