Programmatic Advertising for Trading Platforms

Why Choose Match2One to scale your Trading Platform?

Match2One was built to deliver unmatched scalability for trading platforms through Programmatic Advertising. Slash acquisition costs and reach your audience on thousands of high-performing websites. With Match2One, you're not just getting a leading ad platform, you're gaining a competitive edge over other trading platforms.

Specialized team for Trading Platforms

Contextual targeting: finance, trading, commodities, crypto, and more

Optimize toward DOAS (Deposits On Ad Spend)

Easy-to-use interface

AI-driven performance

Show ads on the worlds top websites

Achieve more with AI powered display advertising

Ashkan Nemati

Head of Digital Marketing

“M2O consistently performs in terms of new traders and return on ad spend. Tracking post-view conversions is extremely useful as we can attribute a certain portion of the revenue to post-conversions. It is a feature that not many advertising platforms offer, and it works great.”

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Matt Gascoigne

Head of Marketing - Crypto

“The great thing with Match2One’s wide inventory is that you can reach the right person, rather than just the right website.”

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Sid Jashnani

Sid Jashnani

Head Director

I believe programmatic display is an integral part of an integrated 360 marketing plan. I used Match2one for retargeting and prospecting visitors and I was pleasantly surprised with the acceleration we saw after a few days.In short, I was blown away with the possibility that I could really amplify lead generation efforts for

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Haris Serhatlic

Head of Marketing Department

With Match2One, we have seen incredible targeting accuracy. I would recommend Match2One every day of the week.

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Emil Wallerstedt

Growth Specialist

”Effective marketing teams buy digital advertising programmatically. It’s the most cost-efficient, transparent and smart way to reach your audience in the right place, at the right time.”

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Supercharging Success for Trading Platforms

Diversify your marketing mix and reach more traders in the right context, at the right moment, and remind them of your brand with powerful retargeting campaigns. With Match2One you can start right away and run scalable campaigns. Need assistance? Our Customer Success Team is always there for you.

Achieve more with AI powered display advertising

Transparent reporting

Welcome to reporting that is truly transparent. Visit the dashboard to see exactly where, when and how your conversions were generated.

Global premium ad inventory

Thousands of premium websites and apps across all major ad exchanges are at your service. Our global inventory partnerships provide class-leading ad fraud detection and the option to whitelist and blacklist your campaigns right from the platform.

Achieve more with AI powered display advertising
Achieve more with AI powered display advertising

AI-driven optimisation

Our AI will do the hard work for you. Our platform will collect user data and form an optimisation pattern, delivering great results. Ads will then be shown to new online audiences with the highest probability of becoming customers, based on a wide range of variables such as:

  • Geography
  • User sessions
  • Device
  • Page Content
  • Placement
  • Time of the day
  • Browser
  • +100s more