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Theodor Lönnefeldt

E-commerce Manager

”Match2One’s team analysed what type of customer segments had the highest likelihood to convert on our website. Based on that information, they launched a separate keyword campaign. After A/B testing against the campaign we had at the time, the keyword campaign was the winner. These type of initiatives are exactly why we chose Match2One.”

How they did it

Carl-Magnus Öhrstedt


Considering the good ROAS results we are seeing and the number of impressions for our investment, I’m very satisfied with Match2One as a programmatic platform. It’s smart, good looking and intuitive. I can easily access all the information I need.

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Natalie Forslind

Growth Marketer

”Working with Match2One’s platform is a breeze. It’s easy to use with a clean design and great UI. It’s refreshing to work with a simple platform compared to, for example, Google Ads, which is a mess design-wise and complex to understand. After this experience, we will definitely continue working with programmatic advertising.”

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Jon von Knorring

Business Manager

”If we’re ever unsure about how to get the most out of our campaigns the customer success team at Match2One helps us steer our campaigns in the right direction. The strategic support we get is exceptional.”

How they did it

Emil Wallerstedt

Growth Specialist

”Effective marketing teams buy digital advertising programmatically. It’s the most cost-efficient, transparent and smart way to reach your audience in the right place, at the right time.”

How they did it

Richard Hertvig


We see a clear connection between our digital advertising and our fast growth. Even if the customer doesn’t see the ad and directly take an action on our website, our brand stays top-of-mind and the consumers learn about our products. Since the launch of our e-commerce and budget increase in display and digital ads, we’ve been seeing high growth in sales in Sweden and abroad.

How they did it

Vasilis Meschinis

eCommerce and Digital Marketing Manager

Match2One has allowed us to be flexible and fast. Having an easy-to-use platform combined with the invaluable support of our dedicated account manager, has enabled us to react to changes, make the necessary adaptations in our message and get it across in minimal cost and without losing valuable time and resources.

How they did it
Erika Westman

Erika Westman

Marketing Project Leader

This platform and system is totally transparent and user friendly which is great! You can easily see, understand and affect your sales and performance. It is very time effective and the feeling of knowing it’s doing the job while you can concentrate on other things – is great.

How they did it
Marcus Blomqvist

Marcus Blomqvist

Digital Marketing Manager

Match2One’s platform has helped us get exposure on channels where we haven’t been present before. The campaign has created a strong buzz in the industry and we’ve received very positive feedback from our target audience. The support from Match2One in getting started with programmatic has been enormous.

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What can you do with Match2One?

Bring the right people to your website

Get your message across. Automatically find new customers online and draw in the people who are looking for what you’re offering.

Prospecting Ads

Turn curious visitors into paying customers

Stay on top of your future customers’ minds. Display retargeting ads to visitors who showed intent but haven’t made the decision yet.

Retargeting Ads
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1. Sign up to Match2One

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2. Prepare your ads

Upload your banners to the platform or build eye-catching creatives yourself in our built-in Creative Studio.


3. Set up a campaign in minutes

Get your campaign up and running in no time. All you have to do is set your goals – the rest will be taken care of. Our team are ready to get you started.


4. Watch an AI optimise for you

We're proud of the results our AI is delivering with smart ad placements. Once you see how much time it will save you, we're sure you'll see why.


5. Discover useful insights

See transparent reports of how your ads are performing on which websites, and track what you're getting for your money.


6. Reach customers that are slipping away

Stay top of mind with the people who visited your site and left without buying anything, with retargeting ads.

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