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Achieve more with AI-powered display advertising, without the need for extensive resources, be it money, people, time or expertise. It doesn't get easier than this.

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You have your goals figured out already. Now let our smart-targeting AI CLARA work on reaching them in the most efficient way.

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Set goals, decide on the budget, launch. Making it this simple wasn’t easy, but we did it, for you.

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CLARA buys the best spots for your ads automatically, cleverly targeting your future customers.

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Get transparent reports on where your ads are displayed and what you’re getting for your money.

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Ulla Ristkari


As a marketing agency, with M2O, we can skip the part when we had to contact big media houses to get programmatic advertising for our clients. The platform and interface are so easy and pleasant to use so that a digital marketing expert can quite easily get started with it and the set up of an account is very simple.

How they did it

Sid Jashnani

Head Director

I believe programmatic display is an integral part of an integrated 360 marketing plan. I used Match2one for retargeting and prospecting visitors and I was pleasantly surprised with the acceleration we saw after a few days.In short, I was blown away with the possibility that I could really amplify lead generation efforts for

How they did it

Erika Westman

Marketing Project Leader

This platform and system is totally transparent and user friendly which is great! You can easily see, understand and affect your sales and performance. It is very time effective and the feeling of knowing it’s doing the job while you can concentrate on other things – is great.

How they did it

Emma Wilson

Digital Experience Expert

We found Match2One an effective, easy-to-use platform that allowed us to reach new audiences with our digital ads. The campaigns were easy to set up and manage and we found the Match2One team extremely knowledgeable and willing to go above and beyond to help us achieve our business objectives and ensure we had a good experience using the platform.

How they did it

Marcus Blomqvist

Digital Marketing Manager

Match2One’s platform has helped us get exposure on channels where we haven’t been present before. The campaign has created a strong buzz in the industry and we’ve received very positive feedback from our target audience. The support from Match2One in getting started with programmatic has been enormous.

How they did it

Jonas Damien

Digital Media Planner

Thanks to a really responsive team and a user-friendly interface, it is extremely easy to set up a campaign.With Match2One, we had access to many extremely contextual websites in one place. The objective was to increase PariuriX awareness which we succeeded beyond expectation with a CTR of 0.35% for low prices.

How they did it

Johanna Bohlin

Marketing Manager

The important thing is to be patient in the first month until the algorithm gathers the data and becomes more intelligent. After a month we were able to quickly see the results we wanted and today, programmatic advertising is one of our best advertising channels when it comes to the number of CPA’s for created accounts.

How they did it

Iva Obrovac

Senior Performance Marketing Specialist

It’s extremely easy to run campaigns, and less time-consuming than other solutions. You can set up and launch a new campaign in a few minutes, that would take hours with another platform. The reporting and analytics is very transparent, and easy to pass on to clients.

How they did it

Armina Ilijasevic

Marketing Coordinator

It’s so easy to get started and launch campaigns with Match2One, and the results are way over our expectation. With Match2One we can reach nearly all websites and apps in Sweden, without having to negotiate with salesmen about the price. The big upside is maximum quality reach for the lowest price.

How they did it

What can you do with Match2One?

Bring the right people to your website

Get your message across. Automatically find new customers online and draw in the people who are looking for what you’re offering.

Prospecting Ads

Turn curious visitors into paying customers

Stay on top of your future customers’ minds. Display retargeting ads to visitors who showed intent but haven’t made the decision yet.

Retargeting Ads

Watch the video

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How it works

1. Create a free account

Sign up with your email and set up your account in a few clicks. Activate it with a link in your inbox and you’re all set!

2. Design your own ads

Create eye-catching ads all by yourself. Select a template from our collection or create a unique ad from a blank canvas in minutes.

3. Set up a campaign in minutes

Get your campaign up and running in no time. All you have to do is set your goals – the rest will be taken care of.

4. Watch Clara optimise it for you

We're proud of the results our AI is delivering with smart ad placements. Once you see how much time it will save you, we're sure you'll see why.

5. Discover useful insights

See transparent reports of how your ads are performing on which websites, and track what you're getting for your money.

6. Reach customers that are slipping away

Stay top of mind with the people who visited your site and left without buying anything, with retargeting ads.

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