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TonyBet: Slashing CPAs and Boosting Loyalty with Match2One

With increasing competitiveness in the iGaming industry, many brands face high CPAs and low customer loyalty. Seeking a winning strategy, TonyBet partnered with Match2One. Shortly thereafter, TonyBet halved CPAs, making programmatic performance a breeze. Dylan Chircop, TonyBet’s Senior Programmatic Manager, praised Match2One’s unique approach and results. Read all about TonyBet and its success in adapting strategically to maximizing results with programmatic for iGaming.


Faced with sky-high CPAs and ever-changing customer loyalty in the iGaming world, TonyBet needed a winning strategy. Discover how Match2One stepped up, cutting CPAs and providing top-notch customer support.


In an industry filled with soaring CPAs, TonyBet placed its bet on Match2One’s solution. The result? They slashed their CPAs in half, and now using programmatic campaigns in 2024 is a no-brainer. 


We sat down with Dylan Chircop, Senior Programmatic Manager at TonyBet, to learn more about the company and Match2One helped deliver remarkable results.


The Rise of TonyBet

TonyBet has been around since 2011 and is the go-to destination for players seeking secure

and thrilling online sports betting and iGaming experiences.


Since the start, they have acquired licenses to operate openly, legally, and by local regulations, with a true commitment to responsible gaming. With great customer satisfaction and excellent service, it’s easy to understand why TonyBet is such a successful player in the iGaming market.


As competitiveness increasing mercilessly every year, Dylan Chircop highlights the importance of testing new ways to reach target audiences:


“I believe it’s important to diversify our investments, and Match2One’s approach is unique: excellent daily support for our account, proven performance, and a tech team open to criticism – always striving to deliver what their clients require.”

Loyalty vs. CPAs: Challenges in iGaming Marketing

In the fast-paced iGaming world, customer loyalty is rare. Players bounce between brands like

roulette balls, forcing the industry forward. Marketing teams must be agile, constantly reinventing strategies and plans to find new ways to reach target audiences.


Plus, there’s the whole issue of a high Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) which often defines if a campaign is successful or not. 


With players darting around and competition heating up, getting new customers can drain the marketing budget faster than you can say “game over.”


Quick, Hassle-Free Onboarding

By leveraging programmatic advertising, iGaming marketers can target and engage players across thousands of websites and contexts, maximizing efficient reach and conversions.  Blending strategic branding with data-driven insights, you can capture players’ key moments of attention. Programmatic campaigns let you reach that exact audience with your message at precisely the right moment. 


Turning to Match2One’s platform gave Dylan Chircop and his team more time to test new things and focus on other prioritized areas. The onboarding process was speedy, and they were up and running with campaigns within a few days. Incorporating programmatic has never been easier:


“In a tech world where everyone wants you to invest blindly, Match2One offers a fair-commitment agreement that allows marketers to incorporate this DSP hassle-free”, Dylan Chircop says.

Slashing CPA's

TonyBet wanted to see more signups and revenue when using Match2One’s platform. And the campaign algorithms delivered as promised. What stood out to Dylan was the team making life of an advertiser easier:


“Match2One’s support team is very patient with all our requests and pushes their tech team to deliver any platform add-ons. They are transparent and will show us what they can and cannot deliver.”


And what about goals and CPAs? How will programmatic ads affect the marketing mix in a world overflowing with unloyal consumers? Well, according to TonyBets’ results, programmatic should be a part of any iGaming marketing mix.


“All I can say is, compared to other DSP tests, the CPAs were half the average we usually get,” Dylan Chircop clearly states.


Success factors

In closing, TonyBet partnering with Match2One is a prime example of how savvy marketing teams can make waves in the iGaming world. Other marketers should take note. With Match2One’s high-performing platform and top-tier support, TonyBet has seen significant improvements in CPAs and customer loyalty—a testament to the power of programmatic ads. It’s a reminder that staying ahead in the iGaming arena means being open to fresh approaches and partnerships that deliver actual results.

Achieve more with AI powered display advertising

“All I can say is, compared to other DSP tests, the CPAs were half the average we usually get”

- Dylan Chircop, Senior Programmatic Manager

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