Programmatic advertising for agencies

Deliver high-performing programmatic advertising campaigns without the need for additional manpower

Why choose Match2One for your agency?

Sub-accounts for all your clients

Shareable and transparent reports

Cost-Efficient advertising

Easy-to-use interface

AI-driven performance

Advanced targeting

Achieve more with AI powered display advertising

Agency success stories

Apidae Digital

iGaming Agency

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Agent Digital

Marketing Agency

350% CPC goal improvement

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Marketing Agency

63% CPC goal improvement

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Apidae Digital

Clint Gristi

CEO and co-founder

The iGaming audience we can reach through Match2One makes programmatic a very cost-effective channel for us.

Fred Porter

Agent Digital

Fred Porter

Founder and Digital Expert

We did the research and Match2One ticked all the boxes, particularly with its easy-to-use platform, no minimum spend and a responsive account manager who essentially does it all for you. When it comes to Display Advertising with M2O, more is actually more!

Ulla Ristkari


Ulla Ristkari-Ryynänen

Marketing Lead, Founding Partner

As a marketing agency, with M2O, we can skip the part when we had to contact big media houses to get programmatic advertising for our clients. The platform and interface are so easy and pleasant to use so that a digital marketing expert can quite easily get started with it and the set up of an account is very simple.

Achieve more with AI powered display advertising

Quick setup

Lengthy contracts and complicated systems are a thing of the past – with Match2One you can start right away. Our platform is self-serving and easy to use and transparent, which means you can achieve measurable results with less manpower. Feel like you need some assistance? Our Customer Success Team is always there for you.

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Simplified client management

Create sub-accounts for all of your clients and assign campaign managers to them. Once that’s done, you can grant login access for clients or email them reports at a click of a button.

Achieve more with AI powered display advertising
Achieve more with AI powered display advertising

Transparent reporting

Welcome to reporting that is truly transparent. Visit the dashboard to see exactly where, when and how your conversions were generated. No hidden fees.

Global premium ad inventory

Millions of premium websites and apps across all major ad exchanges are at your service. Our global inventory partnerships provide class-leading ad fraud detection and the option to whitelist and blacklist your campaigns right from the platform.

Achieve more with AI powered display advertising
Achieve more with AI powered display advertising

AI-driven optimisation

Our AI Clara will do the hard work for you. Clara will collect user data and form an optimisation pattern, delivering great results even on a small budget. Ads will then be shown to new online audiences with the highest probability of becoming customers, based on a wide range of variables such as:

  • Geography
  • User sessions
  • Device
  • URL
  • Placement
  • Time of the day
  • Browser
  • +100s more

Versatile ad formats

When it comes to ad formats, our platform is a one stop shop. Customise your banners to reflect your campaign needs by choosing from:

3rd party ad tags

Native Ads

Video upload via GIF or HTML5

HTML5 ads

Custom animated Banner Creation Tool options