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63% CPC goal improvement

Kuuki – Marketing Agency, Finland

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A Finnish marketing agency beat its cost-per-click (CPC) goal by 63%, with a one month campaign that used engaging gif banners to make viewers convert.


Formed in late 2017, Kuuki is an online marketing agency based in Finland. They are experts each with over ten years of experience in multichannel marketing environments, the company aims to produce functional solutions to help their customers grow their businesses.


Having had poor experiences with other programmatic providers, Kuuki came to Match2One looking for:

– A clear and easy to understand cost structure.
– Accurate targeting at scale.
– Programmatic buying with no minimum budgets.

Their first campaign (through Match2One) was run in 2018, promoting Finland’s advertising day, Mainontapäivä. With the goal of selling as many tickets as possible to the event, they were faced with the challenges of:

– High ticket prices.
– A niche target audience of business-to-business marketing decision makers.


The agency targeted the Finnish market and used the event website-tracking data to increase AI campaign learnings. A tracking script had been set up several months prior on the event landing page, to gather valuable information about their target audience.

Kuuki used gif banners with moving parts and HTML banners with a memory game. Keynote speakers were also used in the banners as ‘event highlights’ to attract more participants.

Overall, the gif banners (especially in the 300x250px size) worked the best.

Successful campaign ingredients: Engaging, recognisable ad creatives and excellent targeting with low costs.

Benefits: Better target audience reach, higher cost efficiency and higher conversion rates.

Most useful part of the platform: ‘Quick stats’ and easy to understand reporting. The sales funnel and the different ad-size category results were very helpful features that will help the development of creative content in future campaigns. Emailed weekly stats were a nice touch also!

Achieve more with AI powered display advertising
Ulla Ristkari

As a marketing agency, with M2O, we can skip the part when we had to contact big media houses to get programmatic advertising for our clients. The platform and interface are so easy and pleasant to use so that a digital marketing expert can quite easily get started with it and the set up of an account is very simple. We have been using M2O with our clients who might not have large media budgets but want to test programmatic advertising and also with such clients who’s target audience is challenging to find. The AI has brought results very nicely to the more challenging business fields also.

The websites weren’t all relevant but they still brought results which merely shows that the AI had reached the right audience, no matter where they surfed online. This also shows in my opinion, that the traditional targeting in hand-picked sites isn’t the most effective way to reach your target audience, no matter who your audience is, and get measurable results.

M2O is transparent all the way, interface and set up is easy which adds to the pleasant user experience.  No minimum budget and clear reporting with easy to track results.

- Ulla Ristkari-Ryynänen, Marketing Lead, Founding Partner
Campaign Objectives

Campaign Objectives





Campaign Period

1 month



Desktop, Tablet, Mobile

Campaign Results

Campaign Results


CPC goal improvement






2.8 million



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