ROAS Optimisation

Find your highest spending customers with a goal toward Return On Advertising Spend.

How does ROAS optimisation work?

Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS) is a metric to know how much revenue a campaign is generating. Optimising toward ROAS will help you cost-efficiently find the customers with highest value to your bottom-line. This feature in Match2One’s platform allows you to optimise campaigns not only toward conversions, but toward return on your ad investment.

How will ROAS optimisation help your campaign?

If you’re looking to increase sales on your website - ROAS optimisation is for you. By using the ROAS optimisation strategy our AI will actively target customers that are generating the highest revenue to your business. Once our AI has found the campaign that’s delivering high-value customers, you can increase spend and grow your business.

Setting up a ROAS campaign

By setting a minimum Return On Ad Spend, you set a goal that the campaign generates revenue for your business. The first step in launching a ROAS campaign is installing Match2One's conversion pixel (with order value) on your website. You then set your product's Average Order Value and ROAS goal when setting up your campaign.

Once your ROAS goal is set - our AI will do the rest.