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Cookieless Programmatic Made Easy

With many marketers concerned about the removal of third-party cookies, Match2One is launching the Universal Pixel, making the transition into a cookieless future seamless without sacrificing performance. Find out how in this blog post!


4 Ways You Can Prepare for Google’s 2024 cookie deprecation

How can you prepare for a new reality after Google's depreciation of third-party cookies? Read this article to get 4 ways you can prepare in 2024.


What is Contextual Advertising: The Ultimate 2024 Guide

Contextual Advertising is a booming targeting method. But what is it and how can you make it rocket fuel your campaigns? This is the ultimate guide for marketers to learn the why, what, and how of Contextual Advertising.

Match2One Contextual advertising campaign platform

Reach Customers in the Right Moment with Match2One Contextual

Match2One launches Contextual Advertising, giving all marketers access to essential moments in consumers lives. All available in a self-service platform with award-winning UI.


Using ChatGPT in Programmatic: 3 Simple Steps

Marketers have a new tool in their toolbox. Enter ChatGPT, now on everyone's lips. This article explains with three steps how you can most effectively use ChatGPT in your campaigns.

effective ad copy

Simplicity is key: how to craft effective ads that cuts through the noise

How do you create effective banner ads for programmatic campaigns? This article covers various techniques and up-to-date trends and best practices, to increase the chances of conversions and drive more traffic to the website. Read this blog post to optimize your ad copy for better performance.

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