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408% CPA goal improvement

Southern Phone – Telecommunications, Australia

Southern Phone Team

Looking to stay ahead of the curve in the Australian telecommunications market, Southern Phone put Match2One’s programmatic advertising capabilities to the test – both in retargeting and prospecting new customers. Constantly working with tight deadlines, the company needed a platform that would let them launch their campaigns quickly whilst ensure that their performance goals were reached. Fast forward a few months and the results speak for themselves – their ads have generated millions of views, gained them 693 new customers and beat their CPA (cost per acquisition) goal.


Since 2002, Southern Phone has been providing world-class products and services in the telecommunications industry. Delivered at more affordable prices, the company is now one of the largest and most successful providers of mobile, NBN, ADSL, satellite and home phone services in regional Australia. In the last decade they have delivered almost $15 million AUD in dividends and grants for the benefit of regional communities.


Having only past experience with Adwords, Southern Phone were looking for a programmatic solution to take their “digital marketing efforts to the next level”. They had heard how programmatic gives businesses the opportunity to reach new customers, increase sales and deliver more targeted and relevant ads to their audiences – and were wanting to test out a well established platform in the Asia Pacific region. Given the nature of the industry, employees at Southern Phone often find themselves working to especially tight deadlines, so the company needed an interface that would allow them to quickly launch campaigns and align their advertisements at scale on the most relevant sites.

Southern Phone set the two goals of raising their brand awareness, and also generate sales on their website. Thus, they spearheaded their campaigns with a strong CPA (cost per acquisition) focus that highlighted how much it cost them to bring in each customer. The company wanted to minimise that expense by the end of their campaigns.


Match2One’s APAC team worked hand in hand with Southern Phone. They were extremely helpful in getting their accounts set up on the platform and made sure they were up to speed in understanding how all of the campaign features worked. One on one guidance through the use of the platform and reporting tools ensured that the client’s campaigns were tracking correctly and performing to their expectations.

They found it simple to create, launch and manage campaigns, upload their creative ad banners, and run different reports within the platform. Match2One’s artificial intelligence, Quantum Stream, helped reel in strong results from their recent remarketing campaign. Where Southern Phone not only achieved their CPA goal, but trumped it by over 408%. Left on autopilot optimisation, the campaign’s banners brought in 693 sales and almost 3 million impressions – ultimately creating a huge time saving efficiency for the business.

Achieve more with AI powered display advertising
Emma from Southern Phone

We found Match2One an effective, easy-to-use platform that allowed us to reach new audiences with our digital ads.

Both the prospecting and remarketing campaigns were easy to set up and manage and we found the Match2One team extremely knowledgeable and willing to go above and beyond to help us achieve our business objectives and ensure we had a good experience using the platform. Overall our results were fantastic!

- Emma Wilson, Digital Experience Expert
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Campaign Results


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