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Finixio – Mastering Crypto Marketing with Programmatic

Performance marketing within crypto and iGaming presents its challenges with compliance and restrictions — innovative marketing strategies and reliable channels are a must. When Finixio partnered with Match2One, they found new audiences and converted more of its traffic. Learn how Finixio succeeded with programmatic and how Match2One helped them reach higher return-on-ad-spend.


Founded in 2018, Finixio is a London-based digital media company with a portfolio of 50+ websites. Finixio’s expertise includes high-value verticals like crypto, iGaming, and finance/fintech.


Working within these dynamic industries means dealing with compliance concerns and other restrictions — innovative marketing strategies are a must. Finixio partnered with Match2One to find and convert new audiences across the open internet. We spoke with Matt Gascoigne, Finixio’s Head of Marketing for crypto, to learn about their approach to digital marketing, including programmatic advertising.


Finixio faces two common marketing hurdles in crypto and iGaming: compliance and tracking success. 


Some marketing channels can be challenging when dealing with industries like Crypto and iGaming. This makes it difficult for marketers like Matt to find reliable long-term marketing channels. It’s not uncommon for ad campaigns to suddenly stop due to regulatory issues.

That’s where Match2One’s platform plays a major role as one of the few “stable” channels Finixio has, with reliable access to high-quality ad inventory to leverage. 


“Programmatic is a more stabilized, consistent way of gaining traffic,” says Matt.


Match2One also addresses Finixio’s other primary needs: meaningful audience insights, automated features, and flexibility to adapt. 

Solution and Strategy

How exactly does Finixio use Match2One’s programmatic ad platform to succeed in a challenging digital environment? It’s actually pretty simple: Finixio quickly reaches the right people with Match2One’s vast ad inventory and smart, user-friendly programmatic platform. 


Match2One’s AI targeting ensures that Finixio’s campaigns are always optimized for the best creative, precise targeting, and most efficient ad spend. To seal the deal, Finixio can always rely on hands-on support from their client success manager at Match2One.


Campaign analytics in Match2One’s dashboard also help Finixio decide how to spend its marketing budget. According to Matt:


“One site might perform poorly one month, and the next month it’ll perform amazingly. So we’ve got to be on the ball and make sure we’re optimizing it. As time’s gone along, we’ve definitely optimized and figured out what works better and then allocate the budget month by month.”


Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

Traffic and account sign-ups are important conversions down the user-acquisition funnel, but Finixio’s most important metric is first-time deposits (FTDs) into a user’s new crypto wallet. 


To ultimately drive FTDs, Finixio runs both retargeting and prospecting with Match2One. 

“First Time Deposits (FTD) are our main driver, and that’s what we optimize for currently. We’re going for a CPA model and seeing what converts better,” says Matt.


Prospecting vs. Retargeting

In the long term, both retargeting and prospecting play an important role in Finixio’s overall programmatic advertising strategy. While Matt’s prioritizing retargeting campaigns currently, Finixio has a game plan for scaling up their programmatic prospecting efforts:


“Prospecting on crypto-related websites has worked well, but we lean more toward retargeting. CPMs are higher for retargeting than prospecting, but the Return On Ad Spend is a lot higher for retargeting. We’ll do more prospecting on specific sites and find which ones convert. Currently, we run retargeting, finding high-performing websites and adding those domains to white list prospecting campaigns.”


Quality Inventory and Campaign Optimization


With access to top-notch global ad inventory and Match2One’s proprietary AI optimisation models, Finixio can match the right message, to the right audience, at the right time.


“Working with Match2One, which has a large inventory, enables us to reach beyond crypto-only networks. When working with smaller sites and networks, we have scalable budgets, but they don’t reach the daily spend. It can be frustrating to tweak that manually – but that’s not an issue with Match2One. That’s the great thing with having such a wide inventory: If you know who you want to target, you can reach the right person, rather than just the right website.”


Need for Speed

Getting up and running in Match2One wasn’t a heavy lift for the team at Finixio. “Compared to other DSPs, the Match2One interface is quite easy to use and set up campaigns,” says Matt.


“I’ve found Match2One is a lot faster and easier to get campaigns live. We can turn around campaigns quickly, install pixels, upload banners, and use our large retargeting audiences. It’s amazingly fast to get campaigns live compared to other DSPs I’ve used.”


Finixio also gets the right brand exposure with Match2One — quickly.


“A lot of our network of sites are in similar niches of crypto and gaming. We can target them straight away and get traffic really efficiently, especially when a new project launches. We don’t need to wait for a retargeting pool to launch.”


Dedicated Support

Teamwork makes the dream work, so they say. Having a reliable, responsive partner in Match2One has made a big difference for Finixio, specifically with campaigns for “pre-sales” of a new coin. “The support side is super important,” says Matt.


“Shout-out to Bill and Cornelia! They have been super helpful and a wealth of advice to us. We’re really grateful for the support from Match2One. They can help us work through problems really quickly, and it makes our life a lot easier.”


Matt recalls an instance where Match2One’s support helped solve a problem unique to a crypto business — before Finixio even discovered the problem. 


“We’ve had issues where the conversions have come through and, being in crypto, we convert them to USD. We’ve had a couple instances when something’s broken on the development side. It was Bill and Cornelia who discovered it first. Finding problems and fixing them ASAP is important because when we go to the reporting side, the revenue numbers could be completely wrong.”



How has programmatic advertising paid off for Finixio so far?

  • 8x – 18x ROAS
  • CPA $20
  • CPC $3.6
  • CPM $4.5
  • Over 2.7 million impressions on finance sites


And, with campaign performance improving month over month, the future is bright for Finixio’s continued success using the Match2One platform.


Achieve more with AI powered display advertising

“We can turn around campaigns quickly, install pixels, upload banners, and use our large retargeting audiences. It’s amazingly fast to get campaigns live compared to other DSPs I’ve used.”

- Matt Gascoigne, Head of Marketing - Crypto
Campaign Objectives

Campaign Objectives





Campaign Period

H1 2022 - Present



Desktop, Tablet, Mobile

Campaign Results

Campaign Results

8x - 18x

Return On Ad Spend

8x - 18x

Return On Ad Spend







2.7 million+

Impressions on finance and crypto sites

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