Native Advertising

Give your content an audience

Engage your audience with native

Native advertising enables you to reach your target audience in a way that engages them by naturally blending into the website.


Match2One’s AI collects user data to show the right native ads, at the right time, to people who are most likely to be interested in what you’re offering. With Match2One Native you’ll get increased engagement and high-quality traffic to your website.

Brands growing with Match2One

Bring your content to the right person in the right context

Make sure nobody misses your message – reach your audience where your ads naturally blend into a website. This increases the number of readers that look at your ads and encourages them to click through to your content.


Scale your content with programmatic native campaigns. Match2One Native enables you to create and show native ads to the right people to achieve high ROAS.

Why choose Match2One Native?


Get access to all premium publishers for your native ads in a platform that shares all the valuable insights. With our subscription model pricing, you’ll never have to worry about any unexpected costs.


Our AI-powered platform will automatically cross-pollinate learnings between display and native campaigns to maximize results. The platform can be integrated with Google Analytics to optimize campaigns in finding the right traffic.


We combine smart targeting with the right native ad placements. By focusing on advertising in brand-safe environments and premium websites, we ensure that your campaign delivery is worthy of your brand.

Where your ads will be seen

Getting Started

Submit the “Get Started” form and we’ll be in touch to discuss your goals and show you the possibilities of our platform.

Our specialists will present you the right strategy to get the most out of your programmatic native budget. You’ll get advice on where to show your ads and which audience to target.

Set the campaign live! Either by yourself or have your dedicated campaign manager do it for you. We’ll be able to help out with A/B tests, optimization and planning.

Susanne Melms

Acquisition Manager

Our success manager Camilla at Match2One acts ad an extension of my marketing team. Without her help, we would never have been able to do this! I have received both strategic and operational support.

Haris Serhatlic

Head of Marketing Department

With Match2One, we have seen incredible targeting accuracy. I would recommend Match2One every day of the week.

George Duckett

Head of Marketing

Match2One has found the perfect synergy between a user-friendly advertising platform combined with creative and strategic support for great results.

Theodor Lönnefeldt

E-commerce Manager

”Match2One’s team analysed what type of customer segments had the highest likelihood to convert on our website. Based on that information, they launched a separate keyword campaign. After A/B testing against the campaign we had at the time, the keyword campaign was the winner. These type of initiatives are exactly why we chose Match2One.”

Carl-Magnus Öhrstedt


Considering the good ROAS results we are seeing and the number of impressions for our investment, I’m very satisfied with Match2One as a programmatic platform. It’s smart, good looking and intuitive. I can easily access all the information I need.

Natalie Forslind

Growth Marketer

”Working with Match2One’s platform is a breeze. It’s easy to use with a clean design and great UI. It’s refreshing to work with a simple platform compared to, for example, Google Ads, which is a mess design-wise and complex to understand. After this experience, we will definitely continue working with programmatic advertising.”

Jon von Knorring

Business Manager

”If we’re ever unsure about how to get the most out of our campaigns the customer success team at Match2One helps us steer our campaigns in the right direction. The strategic support we get is exceptional.”

Emil Wallerstedt

Growth Specialist

”Effective marketing teams buy digital advertising programmatically. It’s the most cost-efficient, transparent and smart way to reach your audience in the right place, at the right time.”

Richard Hertvig


We see a clear connection between our digital advertising and our fast growth. Even if the customer doesn’t see the ad and directly take an action on our website, our brand stays top-of-mind and the consumers learn about our products. Since the launch of our e-commerce and budget increase in display and digital ads, we’ve been seeing high growth in sales in Sweden and abroad.


Perfect for the hands-on marketer

$ 299

per month

The Growth Plan Includes:

Access to a leading Creative Studio and Ad Platform
Programmatic Native & Display Campaigns
Chat & Phone Support
3 Sub-Accounts Allowing up to 3 additional accounts - at no additional cost - managed from your main account.

Growth +

The ideal hybrid-model

$ 799

per month

Everything in Growth, plus:

Dedicated Campaign Manager One of our specialists will assist in managing your account and help you succeed with your campaigns.
Unlimited Sub-Accounts
Media Spend Tactical Planning We'll help you make the most out of trends in your market.
Customized Website Whitelists & Blacklists Your dedicated campaign manager will help you show ads in the right context.
Ongoing Strategic Planning & Performance Consultation


A first-class fully managed service

$ 1,499

per month

Everything in Growth +, plus:

Full 90-day Onboarding Support Get priority support, training and strategic campaign planning.
Strategic Consulting
ROAS Optimisation Our specialists help you get started in setting a ROAS goal for improved performance.
Dedicated Performance Team Match2One's data scientist and performance team will work behind the scenes to maximize campaign performance.
Custom Reports
Creative Support Our creative team will design and produce high quality banners & native ads.
A/B Testing We help you set up A/B tests on campaigns and ad-groups to hone in on the best performing variations in targeting, copy and design.

Camilla Barr


Customer Success Manager


“My job is always to be one step ahead of the campaign results”