Retargeting Ads

Reach customers that have shown interest

How Does Retargeting Work?

The goal of Retargeting is to reach customers that are slipping away. Match2One will automatically collect information about all users visiting your website, serve ads only to these people with the objective of reminding them about your product or service, and then convert them into a new customer. A conversion could be a purchase, signup or a download.

Retargeting is commonly proven to be a high-performing channel, and targets only the users that have shown an interest in your products or services. It’s a strategy that we believe all digital advertisers should have in place.

Retargeting Process


The user visits your site


Leaves your site

Your retargeting ad is here

Later as they browse the internet your ad will display on other sites


Your retargeting ad captures their interest


The internet user then converts into a loyal user

Sales Funnel

Create interest
New customers
Search Ads
Attract customers
with intent
Re-connect Remind

Combo Campaign

We recommend a combination of Prospecting and Retargeting. This will help you find new customers (Prospecting), and get back customers that have visited before (Retargeting), but left your site before converting – covering both the top and bottom of your online Sales Funnel.


  • Green tick boxDirect ROI
  • Green tick boxScale up


No minimum investment needed.