The 2020 Guide to Programmatic In-housing

With this guide we explore the benefits and pitfalls of in-housing programmatic advertising while mapping out the steps in the process. This is the ultimate guide on how to in-house your programmatic advertising.

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The 2020 In-housing guide for programmatic advertising

In-housing in 2020

Learn the benefits of bringing programmatic advertising in-house. 

The must have checklist 

Follow the checklist for each step along the way.

Map out your in-housing process step-by-step.

Step-by-step guide

What you will learn

Explore the pros and cons of in-housing programmatic advertising

Why in-house? 




Learn from other brands, survey results and the current state of in-housing.

In-housing experiences

Follow the step-by-step guide and the must-have checklist to get you there. 

How to bring programmatic in-house

- Vasilis Meschinis, eCommerce and Digital Marketing Manager

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