Match2One's product features help you target people that are likely to become customers - through our self-learning algorithms. You're able to manage your online display campaigns 24/7 and always have access to transparent and insightful reporting. It's super easy to get started and create your own ads in our banner maker tool.



Install tracking

• For our algorithm to learn about your audience profiles, and collect data for website Retargeting. 
• Don’t worry, it’s easy to set up!


Account budget icon
Add Account Budget

• Our payment methods are flexible.
• Pay for your advertising using Visa or Mastercard, or top up your Match2One account via invoice payment.


Create Campaign

• Is your campaign goal to grow sales?

• Drive relevant traffic to your webshop?

• Or Retarget customers that might be slipping away?

• Set up your campaign strategy in a few simple steps, using stunning banner ads. Choose where your ads should be displayed – then hit Launch and let our auto-pilot take over.



• Follow your campaign results and growing performance in real-time!

• Truly visual and insightful reporting features at your fingertips.

• See which exact websites and apps your ads have been displayed on.

• Track performance any day of the week, and time of the day.

• Ad creative performance break-down





Ad creation tool

Create stunning ads in just minutes using our built-in tool. It's easy to use, simply drag-and-drop. You can upload your own designs, create customised call-to-actions, GIFS, animations and rich media formats. Or use one of our template designs and headers.

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Easy campaign setup

We have simplified the campaign setup process, for the best possible results. Whether your goals are to generate leads, traffic, or retarget users, you can create a powerful performance campaign in just a few simple steps.

transparent reporting icon
Transparent reporting

Programmatic advertising is notoriously a black box, and non-transparent. We want to change that by giving our advertiser full disclosure and insightful visual reports. 

Auto-pilot: Self-learning algorithms

Using website tracking and historical data, the algorithm predicts and shows ads to people that are more likely to buy your product or service. The auto-pilot works around the clock to find the right customer, in the right context, at the right time, to help you grow your sales and deliver higher Return on Marketing Investment.