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Holdit – Effective Programmatic For eCommerce

Holdit, a Sweden-based mobile accessories company, diversified their marketing mix to include programmatic, complementing their other marketing activities and providing valuable insights into their customers. Find out how Match2One helped Holdit exceed their ROAS goals, drive major impressions and traffic, and ultimately spread their brand through effective programmatic display advertising.

Meet Holdit

Holdit was ahead of the game when it came to mobile accessories. After spotting a hole in the market, the Sweden-based company rose to the occasion, creating stylish and easy-to-grip silicone shells. After quickly becoming popular with customers and retailers, Holdit’s product portfolio has expanded significantly. Holdit initially operated under a B2B model selling to other retailers but launched a direct-to-consumer (D2C) ecommerce in 2017. 


True to their motto of “We know color, just choose your vibe.”, Holdit’s 100% vegan products bring a stylish, Scandinavian touch that resonates with the brand’s target audience. As a company, Holdit’s vision is to be the first choice for trendy mobile accessories whenever someone buys a new device. Holdit strives for transparency with its sustainability goals and has committed to reaching climate neutrality by 2025–all while prioritizing diversity and equity.


We spoke with Adam Lindh, Chief Digital Officer at Holdit, and his team about how the company has successfully built a brand and grown its business with strategic omnichannel marketing, including programmatic advertising.


When it comes to digital marketing for D2C ecommerce, Holdit uses a holistic approach to reach its target audience of fashion-forward young people aged 18-34. Holdit uses organic, paid, and influencer marketing on social media – Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Snapchat, they’ve got it covered. Holdit has four teams that work close together to manage and deliver paid media, generate demand, and ultimately drive conversions. 


These internal collaborations help uncover synergies between content and performance. According to Adam, “Based on our data, we give our content team a brief of material needed and then evaluate what’s working and what’s not. Of course, measured depending on the goal of the campaign and platform.”


Holdit relies on analytics to understand what’s in demand throughout the customer journey. “We try to have a good balance between upper funnel and lower funnel,” says Adam. “When it comes to the upper funnel we focus on branding campaigns, with the goal being high reach, engagement and low CPM.”


Once potential customers are mid-funnel, metrics like quality traffic, CTR and CPC become more important. At the bottom of the funnel, the focus is on running campaigns with high return on ad spend (ROAS) and lower cost per acquisition (CPA). 


Why Add Programmatic for Ecommerce?

Of course, different channels play different roles for consumers throughout their journey. While many ecommerce businesses turn to programmatic advertising for high-ROAS lower-funnel conversion campaigns, Holdit has been using Match2One to grow the top of the funnel as a complement to other marketing activities. 


“A common issue with digital marketing is being dependant of Google,” says Adam. “We strive to distribute our budget across several platforms so that we’re not dependant on a single platform. Match2One is a great complement for us in this regard.“


After identifying the need to diversify Holdit’s marketing mix to include programmatic, Adam brought Match2One on board in October of 2022. After just a few weeks, Holdit’s programmatic campaigns were exceeding goals and providing valuable insights into their customers.


“We get so much more information from Match2One about our campaigns. We even see how long it takes for someone to make a purchase after seeing or clicking on an ad, which is great” says Adam.


This information is critical for Holdit to understand their audience and meet their needs: “We get a better idea of ​​what our customer journey looks like. Even if we have a fairly price-friendly product, it can still take a couple of days before someone makes the purchase. You might think that purchases usually happen straight away, but it usually doesn’t. Even though it is a fairly cheap product, we see customers still need to have a couple of interactions with Holdit to complete the purchase.”


When selling products at a lower price point, high-ROAS campaigns can be hard to come by. Even so, Holdit’s campaigns are exceeding their ROAS goals and driving major impressions and traffic:

  • 2.80X (Goal: 2X)
  • 10,442 clicks
  • 3.2 million impressions 

A Programmatic Partner

In addition to its easy self-serve platform, Match2One offers managed service for customers. For Holdit, that means meeting with their client success manager about every week. Adam says: “It’s one of those things that I appreciate a lot with Match2One: we get a very good support that we are in contact with every week. We are super satisfied.”


We asked Adam if he had any tips about the role of programmatic ads in digital marketing for ecommerce brands, and he shared this wisdom:

“When you want to enter a new market or if you want to further establish yourself in a market, programmatic display advertising is a good way to go. It should be seen as a strong complement to the other channels. Match2One and programmatic advertising is an effective way to spread one’s brand.”


“Even though we are established in the nordic markets, you can always grow and you have to be on your toes and fill the funnel with new traffic that never ends. And there it is a big advantage that we can reach out to as many people as possible with programmatic display.”

Achieve more with AI powered display advertising

“When you want to enter a new market or if you want to further establish yourself in a market, programmatic display advertising is a good way to go. It should be seen as a strong complement to the other channels. Match2One and programmatic advertising is an effective way to spread one’s brand.”

- Adam Lindh, Chief Digital Officer at Holdit
Campaign Objectives

Campaign Objectives



Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Germany


Campaign Period

6 months - present



Desktop, Tablet, Mobile

Campaign Results

Campaign Results

ROAS Goal Improvement





3.2 Million

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