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50% CPA drop

Lilibet cut CPAs in half with stellar programmatic campaigns

In a highly competitive iGaming market, Lilibet’s partnership with Match2One was key in leading the brand’s growth. Learn how the collaboration resulted in outstanding results; 30% surge in CTR, high campaign performance, and invaluable support.



  • Adaptability and Performance Optimization: “Whatever it is, the Match2One team is always ready to find a solution promptly,” Ray states. Match2One’s intuitive dashboard enables Lilibet to swiftly adapt to market changes and optimize campaigns. By strategically blacklisting sites, Rehacan sees improvements in CTR, CPC, and post-click conversion ratios, showcasing Match2One’s capability to empower marketers with close control and drive better results.
  • Effective Targeting Capabilities: Match2One’s efficient targeting capabilities enable precise audience targeting, including contextual and interest-based targeting. This has significantly contributed to lowering Lilibet’s CPA and acquiring new players at a healthy cost, giving them a competitive edge.
  • Unmatched Prospecting and Support: Lilibet’s partnership with Match2One has led to a 20% lower cost in new customer acquisition, significantly boosting website traffic and a broader audience reach. Additionally, the collaboration has resulted in outstanding results, including a 30% surge in CTR, enhancing campaign performance, and providing invaluable support.


iGaming is known for fierce competition that requires constant innovation and differentiation. With this, marketers need best-in-class sources for driving traffic in new customer segments that have yet to discover their website. Lilibet sought and found these coveted prospecting capabilities with Match2One. We chatted with Ray, Lilibet’s Performance Marketing Manager, about this successful partnership.


About Lilibet

Lilibet is a dynamic iGaming operator offering online casino and sports betting. Operating in a competitive market, Lilibet cut through the noise by offering a great range of online gambling products and games on an easy-to-use and safe platform. 

Players at Lilibet can enjoy online slot games, live casino games, and sports betting. With a global team dedicated to innovation and customer satisfaction, Lilibet provides a seamless gaming experience.

The Challenge: Player Acquisition

One major challenge for Lilibet has been finding new audiences and converting them. 


Competition is tough, with competitors vying for the same audience segments and market shares. Having programmatic advertising as a part of Lilibet’s marketing strategy has therefore become crucial:


“Programmatic is key in our marketing mix, and if Match2One campaigns weren’t performing, we would remove them instantly. But the platform has been performing steadily for a very long time. Combined with the great service, we’re happy to stick with Match2One.”, Ray explains.


New signups and first-time deposits (FTDs) are Lilibet’s bread and butter. However, recurring deposits from returning customers are vital to keeping costs low and engagement high. 


Nurturing these relationships encourages repeat visits and more deposits. And how do you do that? Through personalized communication, loyalty programs, targeted promotions, and retargeting campaigns. 


New Customers at a Healthy CPA 

Lilibet’s partnership with Match2One resembles a queen’s strategic alliance with her most trusted advisors. Trust, innovation, and high performance are all part of the puzzle. 


Despite challenges in scaling retargeting due to website traffic and budget constraints, Match2One has consistently provided Lilibet with stable performance. This reliability in delivering results is a testament to Match2One’s robustness and effectiveness in driving campaign success.


“Programmatic is a big ocean with plenty of solutions,” Rehacan Erus says, “and you need to make sure you find the right platform and be efficient with your marketing spend.” 


Through the transparent dashboard, Match2One ensured Lilibet’s brand was exposed exceptionally well to the right users. 


“This gives us a great advantage over our competitors. We combine our branding strategies with retargeting, which lowers our CPA and generates new players at a healthy CPA.”


Transparent Reporting. Maximum Control. 

Ray emphasizes the ease of use and control provided by Match2One’s platform. He highlights the ability to optimize campaigns based on various performance metrics and quickly address any issues.


“The dashboard is amazing; it’s easy to use and has just the targeting options iGaming operators need,” he states and continues: “You can optimize to ROAS, CPA, CPC, and CPM. Also, If I see that we’ve shown ads on a website that I don’t like, it takes me seconds to add it to my custom blacklist. I have complete control over everything in my campaigns, which is very important.”

The publisher lists and targeting capabilities of Match2One are superior to those of other platforms. This is one way Match2One makes programmatic work for iGaming brands: “Two months ago, we moved all our programmatic campaigns to Match2One. Due to the high performance, we’re also opening more markets.”

Up Went CTR. Down Went CPA.

What are the advantages of combining branding strategies with retargeting and contextual targeting? Lilibet saw 20% higher CTR and a whopping 50% lower CPA in their campaigns. Ray tells us about their experience:


“We have great flexibility and so many opportunities with the platform. I can target broadly with specific targeting features and very niche audiences and contextual categories. 


We saw great results with the gaming category, so we focused on those sites and created specific creative sets. This gave us a healthy flow of conversions. We did the same contextual targeting for Premier League contexts and specific ice hockey interests. Which turned out great”


Support from Match2One Increases Traffic and KPIs

Ray praises the support from Match2One’s customer success team, particularly in resolving technical issues and optimizing campaigns. He highlights the collaborative approach in creating campaigns and implementing solutions: 


“It’s nice to have Match2One that can give us customized solutions from everything within the platform to targeting audiences,” he states. “After Match2One’s strategic help to set max performance in all campaigns, I see better traffic, CPC, and KPIs. Whatever it is, the Match2One team is always ready to find a solution promptly.  


Getting campaigns to perform can be a challenge, but the Match2One team ensured a great strategy and assisted with proper setup. 


“We’ve evolved together with Match2One over time. Now, each of our brands has multiple campaigns, and we get regular feedback, which we combine with feedback from our side to make stellar campaigns.”

Achieve more with AI powered display advertising

Programmatic is key in our marketing mix, and if Match2One campaigns weren’t performing, we would remove them instantly. But the platform has been performing steadily for a very long time. Combined with the great service, we’re happy to stick with Match2One.

- Ray, Performance Marketing Manager

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