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How Returhuset’s Branding Campaign Resulted in New Customers

Swedish “re-commerce”, Returhuset, wanted to increase brand awareness and chose to work with programmatic advertising. The result was cost-efficient reach, new customers and an increase in sales.


Mass production of products has a large environmental footprint and wear & tear consumption habits means that many new products are quickly thrown out. Returhuset, a subsidiary of Godsinlösen Nordic AB, is a “re-commerce”, selling products returned by consumers. Returhuset sells returned or excess products through its e-commerce at Common products sold on the website come from brands such as Apple, Samsung, Bosch and Siemens, to name a few.


Returhuset started marketing efforts through Google Shopping and began building traffic to the website in mid-2020. As a newly launched brand, the main priority was to increase awareness. 


”Our target audience is consumers who are interested in contributing to a sustainable world”, says Jon von Knorring, Business Manager at Returhuset. 


Jon and his team required a flexible and cost-efficient solution with the ability to have complete control of their campaigns. They decided to manage all digital marketing in-house rather than outsourcing it to an agency.


“Our business model demands full flexibility since we don’t always know what the trucks to the warehouse come loaded with. We need to be able to change our message and campaigns as smoothly as possible. One of our requirements is to have the ability to completely change our campaigns from one day to the next”, says Jon von Knorring.


To be able to increase brand awareness the marketing team at Returhuset launched their first programmatic campaigns through Match2One’s platform.


”Match2One’s platform fits our needs perfectly. We frequently build and edit our banners in the platform’s Creative Studio without any issues. If we’re ever unsure about how to get the most out of our campaigns the customer success team at Match2One helps us steer our campaigns in the right direction. The support we get is exceptional”, says Jon. 


Returhuset’s goal was initially to reach a wide audience, but they also started seeing an increase in sales. In the platform, they could see that the campaign was generating new customers and revenue. Throughout the branding and retargeting campaigns, Returhuset’s average ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend) is steady at x3.8. ROAS is the advertising costs divided by revenue generated from a campaign. 


”Many e-commerce brands optimise toward conversions, which gives the advertiser new customers as cost-efficiently as possible. With ROAS, you also use the information on how much customers spend on your site and if your campaign is generating revenue. In Match2One’s platform, we closely follow which campaigns and creatives are generating revenue for our business. This is an important metric for me,” says Jon.


Returhuset’s retargeting campaigns have so far delivered a ROAS of x11. Now the team have added ROAS optimised campaigns for their mobile and health & beauty products. 


”In February, Match2One launched a new platform. The UI is incredible and the platform is even easier to use than before. What I particularly like is the ability to automatically optimise campaigns toward ROAS. By choosing a ROAS campaign the AI will actively work with finding the customer segments delivering a high return on ad investment”, says Jon.


Returhuset also uses other digital marketing channels such as Facebook and Google. The programmatic channel is an important part of this marketing media mix. 


”With programmatic advertising, we have access to almost all websites on the internet. That way we are not limited to social media platforms and can reach customers wherever they are”, Jon concludes.

Achieve more with AI powered display advertising

”Match2One’s programmatic platform is great for e-commerce businesses. I particularly like the feature to automatically optimise campaigns toward ROAS. By choosing a ROAS campaign the AI will actively work with finding the customer segments delivering a high return on ad investment.”

- Jon von Knorring, Business Manager
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Campaign Objectives





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Campaign Results

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