Why Programmatic Belongs in Your Ad Portfolio

November 15, 2022

The e-commerce explosion ignited by the pandemic seems here to stay. Shopping online is now a way of life for consumers, and enticing customers is fiercely competitive among digital retailers.

Ecommerce’s rapid expansion has made standing out in the crowded industry especially difficult for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). What can e-commerce merchants do to reach potential customers – without blowing through their advertising budget? Two words: programmatic advertising.


Gone are the days when a small- or medium-sized business could get by with a digital marketing strategy of putting out occasional email blasts, sporadic paid search campaigns, and a few social media ads here or there. Programmatic advertising has historically been inaccessible for SMBs, meaning that many e-commerce sellers have been missing out on the open internet (more on that later). The digital advertising landscape has radically changed in recent years, and it’s time for e-commerce businesses to tap into the power of programmatic advertising.

Advertise like an investor

As many business-school professors like to say, there are three rules to managing an investment portfolio: diversify, diversify, diversify. But what does this have to do with digital marketing? Many brands’ go-to digital advertising tactics exclusively rely on Meta, Google, and Amazon. Diversifying your ad budget investments by incorporating the open internet is a smart move with tangible business benefits.

What the heck is the open internet, and do people actually use it?

For simplicity’s sake, let’s define “open internet” advertising as advertising that is not facilitated by Meta, Google, or Amazon. (Yes, there’s always room for additional nuance and details in this definition, but hear us out.) Applying the portfolio diversification mindset also better meets your target market’s preferences. A survey of 2,000 adult consumers revealed that ads on the open internet were far more relevant and impactful than ads served up in the “walled gardens” of Meta, Google, and Amazon. (Source: Harris Poll)

How can SMBs and online retailers break out of walled gardens?

If open-internet ads are so much more effective than social media and search engine options, why is it so hard to buy ads outside walled gardens? For too long, SMBs and marketing agencies supporting them have faced this challenge, meaning they haven’t diversified their media spend portfolio. Big enterprises and high-powered agencies have turned to programmatic advertising to automate how, when, and where to spend media budgets. However, for SMBs and ecommerce merchants, programmatic advertising has often been too complicated, too expensive, or too time-consuming to pursue. 

Fortunately, the accessibility of programmatic advertising for ecommerce and SMBs has vastly improved in recent years. In 2015, Match2One was founded with a mission to democratize programmatic advertising. Over the years, they’ve developed industry-leading AI while prioritizing user-friendliness, client support, and transparency. 

For SMBs and ecommerce merchants with modest marketing resources, Match2One has leveled the playing field for tapping into the power of programmatic. Recognizing that many of these ecommerce shops operate on Shopify, Match2One recently launched the first-ever Shopify app for programmatic advertising. The app makes creating, launching, optimizing, and measuring programmatic campaigns simple and accessible – all within the Shopify platform. 

Best of all, online retailers using Match2One have access to advertising inventory across 93% of the open internet – talk about spreading the wealth!

Bottom line: eCommerce sellers deserve better digital advertising

If you’re in e-commerce, you’re probably tired of feeling like you’re spending more on digital advertising but getting less bang for your buck with each and every campaign. Paid search and social media will always play a role in digital marketing strategy, but expanding your portfolio of media buys to include programmatic advertising can make your ad spend more efficient and effective.

What can programmatic advertising do for your e-commerce business? Let Match2One help you find out.

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Reagan McNameeKing

Reagan McNameeKing

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